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Are all machine learning tools created equally?

Every image recognition vendor with artificial intelligence (AI) features claims its special sauce of algorithms, tools, and data provides the most accurate and relevant image data. But how do you know which is the most effective? Can the image tool you’re considering accurately identify the information in your images: animals, vehicles, products, places or colors for example?

Perficient Digital's image AI comparison tool lets you view image recognition data from several popular AI vendors and, based on the data that comes back for your images, determine which one may work the best for your needs.

Complete the form below and upload some images to try it out. Our tool instantly pings several major AI engines and shows you the data each one returns for those images, helping you to decide which one returns the best data for your business.

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2019 Image Recognition Accuracy Study

Perficient Digital conducted a study to see which image recognition engine is the most accurate. Read the study to find out whose technology does the best job tagging images. 

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